Greensboro Chair

Greensboro Chair


A collaboration between Cedric Hudson of Contemporary Athletics and Bennu.


Winner of the 2021 Gay Awards: Product Design - Furnture and Lighting.


The Greensboro Chair pays homage to those Greensboro sit ins that ended on July 25th in 1960. It represents the men and women who by choosing to sit down, stood up for so much. Made from bold Walnut wood displaying rich streaks of black, using a series of interlocking joinery techniques along with present and Mid-Century Modern design we were able to create a piece that exudes robust visuals through opulent upholstery combined with vigorous cross sections, mirroring the accord of those involved in the event.

Whether utilized as an everyday chair or a decorative piece, The Greensboro Chair depicts solidity through detailed structure, illustrating that by sitting down, 4 black freshmen were able to lift a nation. The vision for this piece was to preserve black history through design. We wanted to give more meaning to furniture design beyond its primary use giving more meaning beyond the materials used and visual beauty of the piece.


A percentage of profits will be donated to local Greensboro charities. 


Each chair is hand crafted and custom made to order. Production lead times are between 14-18 weeks.


Shipping included within the United States