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our commitment

We believe that through eco-conscious partnerships and reimagining product development processes we can leverage up-cycling techniques to minimize waste and preserve resources. Bennu strives to use waste as a resource and provide equitable access for all through sharing essential trade knowledge

our story


Bennu’s name is inspired from the ancient Egyptian Bennu Bird which symbolizes rebirth;


Process of brilliantly rising and setting with purpose.

Bennu was born from a desire for purpose beyond products - with a deep belief that using local resources already available to us, we will have a greater impact for the community and environment.

message from founder

A designer by trade, I've always been drawn to products that tell a culturally relevant story - purpose beyond product.


Our timeless custom made pieces are intended to last a lifetime. Bennu designs are personal and hand crafted, each piece has a story worth amplifying.


Strongly rooted in my Egyptian heritage, our process of repurpose, renewal and longevity is at the core of Bennu.


Thank you for your support. May Bennu pieces bring you a lifetime of joy.

Ben Boutros

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