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Anchor Coffee Table

Anchor Coffee Table


Customizable Coffee table. choose your own adventure.


Wood Type

Walnut has a rich dark and chocolatey appearance while maple is light and creamy. Both woods are extremely durable and found locally in the PNW.


Top Style

A Live edge maintains the organic shape of the slab and is unique to each piece, varying from relatively straight to highly organic .The river style allows the slab shape to be a straight edge by containing the live edge within the center of the slab.

Please send us a message if you have a preference on the live edge shape.


Resin Colour

Highly durable, biodegradable resin used to fill natural voids or create the river fill.

* A significantly higher amount is used on river style tops which incurs a higher cost.


Metal Base

Steel base with a clean design that lets the beauty of the wood shine.

Wood Type
Resin Color
Metal Base Color
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