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EQ-112 Grow Planter
A collaboration between Earth\Studies and Bennu.  The Grow Planter unpacks and assembles easily for cultivation. The trough shape allows companion planting to maximize soil efficiency. To see the full Horticultural Instruments, Hardware, and Technology collection visit


The Greensboro Chair
A collaboration between Cedric Hudson of Contemporary Athletics and Bennu. Telling the story of the Greensboro sit-ins through design. Bringing rich and educational story telling to the furniture design space without sacrificing aesthetics; elevating any space not only through visual but also dialogue.

Winner of the 2021 Gray Awards: Product Design - Furniture and Lighting.

Signature Collection
Hand made furniture and home goods that are made to last a lifetime. Our custom designs use materials that are sourced from local eco-conscious partners.


Introducing BEYOND ORIGINS, an exploration of the unknown and extraterrestrial. The limited edition collection is a collaboration between Bennu and Graphic Artist Stuart Maingot; featuring a 26 page Zine and Zine Rack using locally sourced maple plywood and up-cycled textiles.

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